Media Reviews & Testimonials

Media Reviews & Testimonials

BellaOnline: The Voice of Women by Nina Guilbeau, BellaOnline’s Sibling Editor, January 18, 2010

For parents or daycare providers, a reference book of easy, low cost, kid friendly activities can certainly come in handy. The Siblings’ Busy Book may just be that book. It contains two hundred activities with tips on how kids in different age groups can enjoy the same activity.

High Maintenance Mom, August 26, 2009

With two kids of different ages and skill sets, I was having trouble finding games/activities I could play with both kids at the same time. I went online and found The Siblings Busy Book-200 fun activities for kids of different ages by sisters Lisa Hanson & Heather Kempskie. I read the book and tried many of the activities with my own kids. I love the section Rainy Day fun and found all of the suggestions helpful.

Parenting-N-Families, August 14, 2009

Comment: I love the Siblings Busy Book! The many, many activites are all simple to do using materials that are usually on hand. The ideas for how to engage children of different ages (baby through school age) are developmentally appropriate and realistic. These activities do more than keep kids busy; they provide imaginative ways to engage kids of all ages with the world around them while having fun. I got one for home and one for our day care provider, and I know the investment will be more than returned in the hours of fun and learning to be had together.

Comment: I love this book! I have frequently used the Toddler Busy Book, but this is even better. It’s packed with activities that are appropriate for children of various ages. From the baby to the school-age child, the activities are creative, unique and categorized: Let’s pretend, outdoor adventures, team family, rainy day fun, and more. If you have multiple young children, this book is fun for the whole family.

The Mommy Files, July 15, 2009

I love that they incorporated activities for infants all the way up to children 9 years old! I’m constantly looking for activities that are productive to keep my kids busy and out of trouble. I also love that each activity talks about how babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age kids can join in on the fun!

MassMoms Review, March 2, 2009

What can you do with old supermarket flyers or magazines, child-safe scissors, index cards, glue sticks and crayons?
With these simple, household items, you can give your children an activity that can help make grocery shopping easier and more of a family affair.

Thanks to “The Siblings Busy Book,” written by twin sisters Lisa Hanson and Heather Kempskie, both of Bellingham, there are more than 200 activities that can help make our family time more enjoyable, especially on a budget.

Stork.Net, October 17, 2008

“For any parent who has struggled to include both or all of her/his children in the same activity – or for any parent like my brother-in-law who has run out of ideas – you’ll be thrilled with The Siblings’ Busy Book.”

Stork.Net – the friendliest pregnancy and parenting community online!

Celebrity Baby Blog, September 25, 2008

“This book is more than just for rainy days. It combats the age-old “I’m bored!” and provides activities for playdates to keep big kids busy and little brothers and sisters from feeling left out.”

The Local Woman’s Guide, September 2009

Email received from author after her article was published in Autumn 2008
“Guess what–since reading your book I’ve gotten my family into letterboxing big-time. It’s such a blast! I don’t know who is more thrilled when we find a box, the kids or me. We hike to find them; we bike to find them. The kids are amazed at how easy it is to get their mom out in the woods with them now.
Also, I want to share another success story. I tried your activity Junk Mail with my kids and the daycare kids combined (with one difference: I used a stack of old greeting cards that I save for such projects). My boys each took totally different approaches and created wonderfully unique artwork, and the younger kids were happily engaged in their own ways. In the middle of our work, the little 3-year-old girl I care for looked up and said with a rapturous look on her face, “We’re all doing it together!” I couldn’t help thinking how that is exactly the point of your book. Thank you for those moments and others like them. You’ve launched a missile of positivity into the world. I hope you get your well-deserved karmic return.”

Dr. Gween O’Keeffe, Pediatrics Now

“This is really a something for everyone book and will empower you to really get to you know your kids. You may be wondering, are the authors “experts”? They are – they are parents! That’s the only expertise you need to spend time with your kids and create fun.”
Meredith O’Brien, Parents and Kids magazine

You’re walking through a bookstore and enthusiastically pick up a children’s activity book designed to help you and your kid make it through the day while keeping your offspring at least mildly entertained, or at least keeping him from eating from the cat’s bowl again.

But then you take the book home and notice that while it may have some great ideas for what to do with your toddler, there’s nothing applicable to your 10-month-old, or to your second grader. So what are you supposed to do, one activity per kid while the others just stand around and whine, “M-O-M! I’m bored!” or have you conduct three different activities simultaneously while dashing between all three?

That won’t happen if you flip through the new children’s activity book, The Siblings’ Busy Book.

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Being Savvy Vancouver, September 2008
I like that this book has so many activities for all ages that are fun and easy. Both Heather and Lisa take into account that while the baby may not be able to do much they will still benefit from interacting with their older sibling and watching and learning from them. Whether it be playing with junk mail, or making a Christmas tree from hand prints from all the family, there is something for everyone. For a child struggling to understand how they might be able to play with the new baby, this book gives you a way to do it safely.

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