More Sibling Name Ideas

Creative Strategies to Name Your Children

(When You’re Having More Than One)

By Bruce Lansky, “The Baby Name Guru”

2008 CoverWhen you have your first baby, it makes sense to spend most of your time and effort finding one name both partners like and then consider how well it might work for your child. Many couples spend the nine months of pregnancy reading name books, checking birth announcements, asking new parents the names of their babies, making lists of favorite names, discussing their favorites with each other and friends and strangers, and negotiating the final choice as they approach the birth date. It’s better to focus on choosing one name than trying to come up with names for your first child and his or her siblings. Once you’ve selected a great name for your first child, you can use it as a starting point for naming your next children.

Once you progress to thinking about names for siblings, you may want to select a unifying creative strategy to help you. Here are some of the most common strategies parents use to name their twosome, threesome, or more-some:

Names that start with the same letter for two brothers; two sisters; brother and sister:
-J: Jonathan and Jeremy; Jennifer and Jessica; or John and Jane
-G: George and Gregory; Giselle and Gwendolyn; Grant and Gillian
-M: Michael and Matthew; Martina and Martha; Maxwell and Mona
-B: Bradley and Brett; Bonnie and Bethany; Barry and Briana

Names that have the same sounds at the beginning, middle, end, or throughout:
-Jayden and Aidan (rhyme)
-Lleyton and Peyton (rhyme)

-Leo and Theo and Cleo (rhyme)
-Isabella and Gabriella (“ella” ending)
-Landon and Logan and Lauren (“L” beginning; “n” ending)
-Ethan and Nathan (“th” sound; “an” ending)
-Andrew and Anthony and Anna (“An” beginning)
-William and Lillian and Jillian (“l” sounds in the middle)
-Michelle and Shakira and Joshua and Sheldon (“sh” sounds)
-Isaac and Isaiah and Isis (“Is” beginning)
-Ava and Emma and Joshua (“a” ending)

-Jonathan, Benjamin, Marion and Katherine (three syllables and “an/in” ending)
Names with the same origin for two brothers; two sisters; brother and sister:
-Irish: Kevin and Patrick; Cathleen and Moira; Sean and Sinead
-French: Pierre and Henri; Camille and Désirée; Philippe and Chantal
-Spanish: Jorge and Javier; Julita and Jacinda; Jaime and Juliana
-Swedish: Mathias and Stefan; Annika and Carina; Rolle and Birgitte
-Korean: Chul and Kwan; Sun and Cho; Gi and Yon
-Arabic: Jamal and Ahmed; Rima and Sana; Karim and Kaylah
-Italian: Leonardo and Mario; Elena and Lucia; Sergio and Bianca
-Hebrew: Joshua and Jacob; Rachel and Rebecca; Samuel and Sarah
-Japanese: Akira and Taro; Kiku and Koko; Miki and Saki

Names with the same theme for two brothers; two sisters; brother and sister:
-Great Chefs: Jacques and Jamie; Julia and Rachel; Jacques and Julia
-Favorite Characters from Friends: Ross and Chandler; Rachel and Phoebe; Joey and Monica
-Famous Olympians: Michael and Mark; Summer and Amanda; Landon and Brandi
-Food and Beverages:  Rye and Alfredo; Brie and Ginger; Sage and Sherry
-Natural Elements: Woody and Heath; Brooke and Skye; Cliff and Savannah
-Famous One-Name Wonders: Bono and Beckham; Cher and Jewel; Sinbad and Shakira
-Famous Tennis Stars: Roger and Rafael; Serena and Steffi; Andy and Amélie

-Famous Designers: Ralph and Kenneth; Vera and Donna; Tommy and Lilly
-Occupations: Mason and Tyler; Bailey and Taylor; Hunter and Painter
-Water Names: Wade and Eddy; Marina and Misty; Nile and Delta
-Rocks, Gems, Minerals: Rocky and Steele; Coral and Jade; Clay and Ruby

If you have access to a copy of 100,000+ Baby Names, you’ll find thousands of names that start with the same letter and share the same origins, and hundreds of names that share the same sounds and the same themes. Have fun exploring possible ways to connect the names of your children to make it fun to call them (to dinner, for example) and a little easier to remember them (when you are multitasking or getting on in years).

Bruce Lansky, “The Baby Name Guru” is the #1 author of baby name books in North America.  His baby name books have sold over 11.5 million copies.  Lansky’s baby name books can be found in all major bookstores and online at


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