A Celebrated Creature: The groundhog

Groundhog Day is celebrated every year on February 2nd in both the United States and Canada. The folklore states that on February 2nd if a groundhog emerges from his hole and fails to see his shadow, he will leave his burrow – signifying that winter will end soon. But if the groundhog does see his shadow he will retreat down into his burrow, and winter will last for another 6 weeks!

Groundhog Day occurs on: (U.S.)
February 2nd

Have fun learning about a Groundhog with your whole family with fun and simple crafts!

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Groundhog Day Silhouettes

GroundhogGroundhog Day is a traditional yet quirky way to predict the arrival of spring. Your kids can celebrate the holiday with this fun shadow activity.

Materials: Flashlight, black paper, tape, chalk, child-safe scissors

Here’s how to get started:

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