Celebrating Martin Luther King Day!

It is never too early to begin learning about a hero such as Martin Luther King. Below you will find ways to let your whole family begin to understand what this holiday is all about.

Materials: mirror,construction paper (representing coloring of skin), scissors, glue, lined paper, pencil

Use construction paper that represent the color of skin to create pieces of art/writing with your family.

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Look at us now murals

Jake and Dad (Noah took the photo)Consider this fun back to school activity for the siblings in your home. Super fun to make and decorate!You’ll need large sheets of paper, scissors and crayons.  My husband Matt and 6 and 4 year old sons had some fun on a recent afternoon.
1. A parent or a child can take turns tracing one another onto a large piece of butcher paper.


2. Here, Jake is adding details such as a face, clothes, and even his stuffed animal outline!


3. Noah and Jake working side-by-side. I think they spent about 45 minutes on this activity!

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Earth-friendly Sibling Fun

cimg0868 Lisa and I hosted a siblings workshop at Easton Children’s Museum last week. I’ve attached the Earth-friendly activities – try them out at home!

Here one of our attendees shares her Family Tree Project.

Family Tree – use twigs and clay to make a decorative family tree

Portable Sea– recycle water bottles and craft supplies to make a colorful sea

Pipe Cleaner Flowers – a perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Making time for sibling fun

clockTime is tough to come by. And even if you’re geared up for some together time with your kids, what if they’re not so pumped for it? Or maybe one child is and the other isn’t? A common dilemna that one mom asked us at a recent Sibling Workshop we hosted at the Children’s Museum in Easton. This mom wasn’t just talking about entertaining two children…she has five…under the age of 10.

How can you get your kids (and yourself) jazzed for some sibling fun?

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We’re Hot in the Fall

We’re trying out this nifty poll option now available on WordPress. Let us know what you think and we’ll make sure to devote upcoming posts with tips and advice on your biggest sibling concerns! In the meantime…

Fall is the perfect time for some activities for siblings to enjoy together. Hot Moms Club recently posted our Leaf Placemats activity online. To get started you just need to head outside and collect some fallen leaves. Yup, I said Hot Moms Club. Want to know what it takes to be a Hot Mom?

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