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RESCHEDULED for Wednesday, June 16 at 7 p.m. at Wenham Musuem in Wenham

The Sibling’s Busy Book : A Guide to Summer Family Fun
$5 per person, pre-registration requested With summer vacation right around the corner, are you wondering what to do with your 2 year old that your 9 year old might enjoy too? Wenham Museum has invited us to share tips on how to make this a summer to remember with unique and simple ways to entertain your multi-age family while building strong, life-long sibling relationships.

Book A Siblings’ Workshop Event

For Parents and Kids!

We’ll lead parents and kids – ages 6 months to 9-years-old – in some fun and unique activities straight from our book. From creative art projects to silly musical games, we love to spread the joy of sibling fun and give parents some simple ways they can entertain their kids! Plus, we offer practical tips for creating sibling harmony in your home. Recent workshops held at Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Babies R Us stores.

For Parents Only!

A Sibling Workshop

Parents just want their kids to get along or, at the very least, stop fighting in the back seat of the car.

We dare you to aim higher. With smart parental guidance and plenty of opportunities for sibling fun, you can achieve harmony in your home while setting the stage for a lifetime of closeness between your children.

Identical twin sisters and award-winning authors of “The Siblings’ Busy Book,” Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson have dazzled national audiences with their one-hour interactive Sibling Workshop. Using humor, role-playing and lots of easy-to-use techniques, parents leave their workshops with confidence and valuable insight into the significance of the sibling relationship.

Learn about the joys and challenges of raising siblings as this sister duo tackle parents’ most pressing questions:

  • How can I prepare my child for the arrival of a new baby sister/brother?
  • Why do my children fight over the most trivial things?
  • Are there ways to put a stop to constant bickering?
  • Is this relationship important to their long-term happiness, health?
  • How much does birth order factor into their personalities?
  • What can I do to encourage them to have fun together?

Staying true to their focus on fun, they demonstrate simple, fun activities from their book. From arts and crafts ideas that encourage creativity, to activities from the Team Family chapter which aim to teach cooperation and teamwork, the benefits of this book is two-fold: 1) Easy solutions for parents who would like to entertain their multi-age children and, more importantly, 2) Positive early experiences between siblings lead to lifetime bonds.

A typical workshop includes a one-hour interactive, multi-media presentation followed by a Q&A session and book signing. It is appropriate for parents and caregivers of children ages 0 – 10 years old.

Specific presentation components include videos, sibling trivia, role-playing, activity demonstrations and audience participation.

Specific presentation topics include: The reality of sibling rivalry, the role parents play in their children’s relationships, the science behind sibling relationships, techniques to handle sibling fighting, why sibling fun matters and birth order overview.

Handouts include tips on making the most of your time together and activity examples.

Described as “funny” “witty” “engaging” “full of energy” and “knowledgeable,” these sisters believe sibling fun should begin early and never end.

Consider us for local bookstore events, Moms Clubs and more! To book your own Siblings’ Workshop event, please e-mail the authors at hkempskie@comcast.net.


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  1. Hello there! I am the assistant children’s Librarian at the Attleboro Public Library. A patron just came in and said what a wonderful time she and her 4 year old twins had with you at the Mansfield Borders. I’d love to hear more about your workshops for kids.

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