Quell Sibling Rivalry and Create Family Harmony

Lisa and I had the great privilege of being guests on an incredible web site radio program: All the Rage Radio hosted by Dr. Paula Scully.

A writer, dentist, and entrepreneur, Paula is the founder of DreamBoldLiveBold.com and AlltheRageRadio.com. She is the creator of Power Journaling, a fun and simple process to help you create positive change and live the life you want. She leads workshops and has written Power Journaling: Transform Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day, a ninety day guided journal

If you’ve been a victim of anger, or someone inflicting anger on others (or both)  it’s important to realize anger and resentment can hurt you – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Letting go of toxic emotions can change your health and your life now and for the long term.

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Great Sibling Gifts


I recently came across a line of melamine plates designed for big brothers and big sisters! They are 100 percent dishwasher safe and BPA-free. If you are looking for a way to celebrate the arrival of a new sibling or encourage your kids to get thoughtful gifts for one another during the holidays, this is an awesome choice.

Designs for boys include guitar, crane, vintage, football, and bulldog. For girls, choose from crown, fleur, guitar, peace. Plus, you can personalize products with your child’s name.  $24 each.


Giving Back With Your Family…

Everyone in the New England area should get in on the Great Day of Service that serves Rhode Island. Every Columbus Day for the last three years I have had the privilege of helping charitable organization in RI with my family. My sons were 3 & 5 on their first day of Great Day of Service and were chosen to help make cookies for the homeless shelter. On the way to the event my husband and I explained what we would be doing and who it would be helping. We spent three long, hot, FUN hours in the kitchen of a church scooping cookie dough on to trays. We made thousands of cookies. My sons hung in there and really chipped in and when asked by a news reporter why they were there my 5-year-old proudly announced he was making cookies for people who needed food and smiles. PHEW!

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Spooky Q-tip Skeleton

Perfect for your little ones – use Q-tips and some glue to create your own skeleton.

For little ones, you could use this creative time to point out different parts of the skeleton’s body such as arms, legs, rib cage and more.


Date: Oct 22, 2010

Time: From 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm

Location: Sanctuary: New England Chapel in Franklin, MA

This workshop is designed for every parent who craves a little extra  peace & harmony at home.

Parents just want their kids to get along or, at the very least, stop fighting in the back seat of the car. Identical twin sisters and Bellingham moms – Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson – dare you to aim higher. With smart parental guidance and plenty of opportunities for sibling fun, you can achieve harmony in your home while setting the stage for a lifetime of closeness between your children.

This free event will provide childcare for those in need or FOR FUN! All children will have an opportunity to design crafts staright from the book!

For more information contact:
Amy Cornwell

Apples = Art

What to do with all those apples? Don’t know about you but I have a $12 bag of freshly picked apples and know I won’t get to eating them all.

Our Apple Tree art project is the perfect solution. Get out some butcher paper (or even a paper grocery bag) and paint a tree. Then use sliced apples as your paint brush!

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Leaf Place Mats

Hate to admit it but its officially fall today. Get in the spirit of the season with our super family-friendly leaf place mats! Autumn leaves will make beautiful place settings for the whole family.

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